Les Concerts du mercredi 2016-17

Visual Identity for «les Concerts du mercredi» 2016-17, Vaud.

Les Concerts du mercredi offer live classical music to an eclectic audience from all background.

We chose to interpret classical music from a perspective that gives up all representation of the object or figure.

Compositions were organized in the form of a speech, oscillating between meticulousness and balance on one hand, exuberance and impetuosity on the other.


The Poster Series of «les Concerts du mercredi» 2016-17 was awarded by the European Design Awards 2017 and nominated by the German Design Award 2017.

The catalogue of «les Concerts du mercredi» 2016-17 was awarded by the International Design Awards, Los Angeles.

Disciplines  Communication — Graphic design — Typography — Print

Media  Poster — Program — Signage — Tickets

  • Art direction Cédric Rossel + Rubin Sophie