Festival Archipel

Visual identity for the Festival Archipel 2016, Geneva.

Established in 1992 in Geneva, «Archipel» is the main Swiss festival totally dedicated to contemporary music. The 2016 edition aims to explore childhood creativity, experimentation, dreams, youth’s unlimited imagination and play that obeys yet no rules.

We undertook this work as a playfield; it allowed us to experiment and create with no restraint.

Using collage as a medium, mixing music instruments, plants and humans, we created hybrid beings from which emerged colorful quirky entities reflecting music projects of Archipel festival.


Archipel visual identity 2016 was awarded by the HOW International Design Awards 2017.

Disciplines  Communication — Graphic design — Illustrations — Digital — Print

Media  Posters — Program — Signage — Tickets — Newspaper ad — Flyers — Newsletters — Social media

  • Creative Director Sophie Rubin
  • Creative Director Cédric Rossel
  • Collage Sophie Rubin & Cédric Rossel