Festival Archipel 2019

Archipel is an annual music festival featuring contemporary music, performances and sound installations and exploring the creation of music in all its forms.

The festival has been renamed – Archip-elles for its 2019 edition. The programme for the 2019 festival is 100% feminine, featuring composers from all generations, origins and showcasing a wide variety of music.

The 2019 visual identity of the Archipel Festival explores the imagery and codes of femininity. 

It deconstructs stereotypes through the creation of a visual language advocating an uninhibited affirmation of femininity referring to the consciously stylized and self-referential expressions of femininity.

Borrowing from both the codes of feminism and femininity, the visual identity proposes an iconography that is sometimes humorous, cynical and irreverent.

Disciplines  Art direction — Communication — Graphic design — Photography — Digital — Motion Design — Print

Media  Posters — Program — Signage — Tickets — Newspaper and online ad — Flyers — Newsletters — Social media — Trams

  • Art direction Sophie Rubin et Cédric Rossel